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This high-output LED Perimeter lights are very suitable for ambulances and fire trucks. They can illuminate the scene with shocking positional alignment. The latest design can make them blend smoothly with the outline of the vehicle. You can choose from five single colors or their color combinations. Perimeter lights have nearly 20 flashing patterns, available in red, blue, amber, and clear lens. At the same time, you can decide whether to equip with chrome flanges according to your needs.

LED Perimeter Lights

LED Perimeter Lights offers a variety of sizes and a new design that can be mounted on ambulances, fire trucks, work trucks, and police cars. Perimeter Lights are equipped with a chrome-plated bezel, single color and split color are available, and the clear or colored lens is optional. LED color options to include amber, blue, green, red, or white, while lens color options include clear, amber, blue, red.

Flash Patterns of Perimeter Warning Lights

Perimeter Lights comes with nearly 20 flash patterns: full flash, top/bottom split flash, and crisscross split flash. You can install multiple Perimeter Lights on the same ambulance or fire truck to make them flash together.

Advantage of Perimeter Lights for your Fire and Rescue Vehicles

Our rugged Perimeter Lights allow you to watch from a distance, thereby protecting vehicles and pedestrians from interference. When turned on, the perimeter light will emit a powerful light when you need it. You have to choose the right color to meet the local warning light requirements. Our lights are weather-resistant, sturdy, durable, and withstand harsh working conditions and bad weather.