A high-quality siren and speaker are an indispensable part of an effective emergency alert system. They will warn the public, pedestrians, and other vehicles before they see emergency lights. With simplified design and robust structure, we provide high-quality, reliable sirens and speakers for first responders. Our powerful 100 watts and 200 watt speaker allow you to listen at a distance. We manufacture siren speakers for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and make the sound you need.

Quality Siren and Speakers

High-quality siren and speaker systems are essential for emergency response vehicles or other industries that respond to emergencies.

We provide 80 watt, 100 watt, and 200 watt speakers to meet your different needs. A higher wattage output means that you can get more power from the speaker, which needs to be equipped with a corresponding siren.

When Can Siren and Speaker Be Use?

We should know that most countries or regions have regulations on vehicle lighting and siren speakers. Please read the local laws and regulations before buying a new siren. These sirens & speakers are usually provided to police vehicles, fire trucks, ambulance, and public service cars. We can equip fire trucks, ambulances, trailers, safety cars, and private vehicles (POV).


Siren and speakers are commonly used in the following vehicles:


Fire Trucks

Police Cars

Police Siren and Speaker & Emergency LED Light

The police siren speaker is used together with other LED warning lights to form a complete system. Drivers of other vehicles may not attention to flashing lights for some reason, but when you approach, they will hear the speaker. Because sounds can be heard from a distance and it is a better way to attract attention. The sound of the siren is very loud and unique, when drivers heard it, they will know that they need to pull over to let emergency vehicles pass first.

Our sirens are equipped with powerful warning functions, and public safety professionals use them almost every day. To improve the service life of the speaker, we plated the speaker with a non-corrosive coating that can be used for a long time. The internal parts are made of high-quality materials, which can ensure normal operation under various harsh conditions.

Functions of Siren and Speaker

Our compact siren and speakers are equipped with complete mounting hardware for quick and easy installation. It is very suitable for installation in narrow spaces and can produce a clear and continuous sound. As long as the wattage of the rugged speaker is the same as that of the siren, it can match most siren on the market.

Our sirens come in many types and provide various control options, such as knobs or buttons. They also have accessory control functions, allowing users to control other warning lights or accessories through the switch built into the siren. So you don't need to purchase a controller.