About us

UNIT SIGNAL was established in 2014. We are the manufacturer of Public Safety Warning Products and Systems for emergency services for nearly 10 years. We specialize in exterior and interior light bars, grille strobe lights, dash lights, traffic advisors, surface mounts, hideaways, beacons, and other accessories. With a unique combination of innovation and design capabilities, it has developed rapidly in the past few years and has become one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry. We believe that the first responders should have the best products and the best technology to ensure the safety of workers, first responders, and our community. They are also the purpose of our progress! First responders need high-quality, reliable products that can withstand any environment and that any department can afford. From the beginning, UNIT SIGNAL has focused on providing the best solution at the best price. We strive to make UNIT SIGNAL your first choice in the market.


Design & Engineering

UNIT SIGNAL believes that the key to continued growth and success is through continuous product development, combined with excellent customer service, low delivery times, competitive prices, and product reliability. We can custom design and manufacture LED warning lights according to customer specifications and other requirements. Customers actively participate in product development to achieve maximum flexibility, thereby ensuring that products meet and exceed market requirements in aesthetics and technology. At the same time, we will continue to expand our products line and look forward to launching some new products that meet market demand shortly. All of our LED products are perfect for your POLICE, FIRE, CONSTRUCTIONS, FUNERAL, or EMS vehicles.


Electronics Manufacturing

One-stop electronic manufacturing: purchase of components, the supply of circuit substrates, design and application of built-in electronic equipment, manufacturing, assembly, and testing. We provide a full range of quality control and technical services.

Quality Control & Testing

We use an intelligent production system to monitor all production links in real-time, and do strict quality control testing, which greatly improves production efficiency and shortens the delivery time.


Delivery Policy

We take pride in providing excellent delivery time, but the delivery time inevitably depends on the quantity of the order. If the product is in stock, it can usually be shipped within 24 hours, small orders are usually shipped within 5-7 days after receiving the order confirmation. We try our best to provide customers with an experience beyond expectations, and usually send orders before the forecast date to ensure customer satisfaction. Of course, all products undergo rigorous testing before shipment to ensure quality and reliability. Customers are important to us, which is why we strive to provide you with the best service every day.


Customer Service

Depending on the different product, Unit Signal stands behind all our products and offer a 2-5 years warranty on our merchandise, which is provided directly by us. We test all our products in real environments and industry-standard testing facilities. We support first responders with the best service and warranty in the industry. Customer satisfaction has always been our top priority. Each of our customers will receive the greatest care and respect. Our customers make us. We will uphold the orientation of products and customer service, and strive to meet and exceed customer expectations. Your suggestions are always appreciated on how to improve our products.


Best selection and prices!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via Email at sales@unitsignal.com