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Hideaway Strobe Lights are an excellent choice for low profile lighting applications. They can be disguised as ordinary headlights or taillights, installed in the headlights and taillights of emergency vehicles, or surface-mounted with metal flanges. These small but powerful hideaway strobe lights are very suitable for use when you are inconspicuous, but still have sufficient lighting effects, and are compact, durable, and reasonably priced. Whether installed in existing lighting components or surface-mounted on vehicles, LED hideaway strobe lights are a reliable and trustworthy choice for any car, truck, or public safety vehicle. Our Hideaway Strobe Lights have a variety of flashing patterns, single color, and dual color options are also available.

Why Hideaway Strobe Lights

The Hideaway Strobe Lights are ideal for volunteer police or firefighters, who often do not want their vehicles to be equipped with obvious emergency vehicle lighting. It will avoid this problem if you install Hideaway Strobe Lights. When you turn on the light, you enter the "volunteer mode". When it is "off", you return to your private transportation, the hideaway light is completely invisible. LED hideaway Lights perfectly match the existing vehicle lighting system and can be installed in the headlights and taillights of emergency vehicles without many sensitive parts and wires. LED Hideaway has become the first choice for first responders or industrial workers because they are affordable and have high-intensity lighting.

LED Hideaway Lights: Solve Complex Problem with Simple Solution

Hideaway emergency Light is a revolutionary product, they have a strobe light function. LED Hideaway uses high-power LEDs and innovative technology to provide excellent light output, increase the number of available flash patterns, and provide unlimited installation possibilities, such as embedded installation, innovative radiator design, and round lens to achieve a better fit. LED Hideaway strobe light is ideal for undercover law enforcement officers, first responder vehicles, and construction vehicles who need proper lighting options. LED hideaway lights have low power consumption and wider illumination angles. Our U1200 Hideaway Strobe Lights also provide a steady-on mode, which can be used for car parking lights, turn signals, tail lights, and reversing lights, providing an all-in-one solution for customers.

LED Hideaway Strobe Lights For Any Industry

LED Hideaway strobe lights are versatile. The Hideaway Lights, which are small and easy to hide, can be installed almost anywhere. Due to their wide range of applications and uses, they have become the industry's first choice for public safety vehicles and undercover vehicles. Police, first responders, and first responders can synchronize or alternate multiple blue, red, and white hideaway lights to enhance visual effects. They are also ideal for services and utility vehicles that require the attention of nearby drivers in potentially dangerous or dangerous situations. Our amber hideaway strobes are perfect for construction vehicles that want to draw attention to their construction sites, or trailers that want to stay safe on the road.