Guiding traffic near construction areas or emergency sites can be one of the most difficult and dangerous parts of working on roads and highways. Tired or distracted drivers and reduced visibility can cause traffic accidents. One of the best ways to avoid accidents and injuries is to improve the vision of your vehicle during the day and night. The traffic advisor light bar or traffic stick is specially designed for people working on or near the road. These directional light bars use 3W LEDs and have multiple flash functions (including arrow lights). They have flash patterns from right to left, left to right, and middle to the side. Traffic stick lights can be seen from a long distance. The driver pays attention to hazards and guides the traffic around the vehicle to ensure the safety of construction personnel, tow truck drivers, construction workers, and other first responders.

Why Traffic Advisors and LED Arrow Sticks Light

Whenever first responders or construction workers are on the side of the road, they face the challenges and dangers of passing vehicles. A key way to minimize these risks is to direct traffic. The LED Traffic Advisor light bar can be installed on your work vehicle, utility vehicle, or emergency vehicle to improve safety.

What is a Directional Traffic Advisor Light Bar?

Traffic advisor lights are highly efficient police lights that can help police officers solve traffic chaos by indicating "drive left", "drive right" or "drive left and drive right". High-intensity solid colors or mixed color combinations caught the attention of drivers, who were notified in advance to slow down and tell them which method to take. When the driver is fully focused, the emergency personnel at work will be safer.

Choosing The Right Traffic Advisors Light Bar

You can choose the most suitable Traffic Advisor lights or traffic stick from 2 to 10 modules. The length of UNIT SIGNAL's traffic advisor ranges from 9.9 inches to 48 inches. All of our directional light bars can be quickly installed on the front or rear of the vehicle by using heavy-duty suction cups or L-shaped brackets. You can select colors from red, amber, blue, white, and green or their color combinations. The amber traffic advisor is the best choice for your truck. At the same time, our TA-series provide dual color traffic advisor light bars, such as half red and half blue for warning purposes, and all amber as auxiliary colors, you can switch flexibly.

Provide Solutions

These traffic light bars have 19 flash patterns with pattern memory and can choose TIR or Linear lenses. They can project a powerful light output ranging from 24 watts to 120 watts. These traffic stick lights are made of high-strength aluminum and are so light that they can be installed almost anywhere in the vehicle. At the same time, the TA-series are completely waterproof, which means that users can also choose to install the lights outside the car without worrying about the weather. These high-power Traffic Advisors adopt modular design and are easy to replace. When one of the modules is damaged, you only need to remove the connector from the PCB board and replace it with a new module.

Traffic Advisor Light Bar Designed for Safety and Reliability

We know that you need to provide affordable lighting for police, EMS, fire, construction, or towing vehicles, safety and reliability are important to you. We will provide you with high-quality traffic advisor lights at reasonable prices.