LED beacon lights are a popular and reasonably priced emergency lighting option. They are versatile, durable, and compact. It integrates the latest LED technology, provides an ultra-bright light output, long service life, and low energy consumption. At the same time, a 360-degree LED flashing beacon allows you to see the vehicle from all angles, thereby maximizing safety. They are the first choice for emergency LED lighting. Amber LED beacon lights are commonly used in construction vehicles and civilian vehicles, such as snowplows and volunteer firefighters. They are also used in agriculture, trailers, and warehouse vehicles. Whether you are on the job site, in a warehouse, or on the roadside, you can rely on LED beacon lights to stay visible and safe.

LED Beacons That You Need

Depending on the type of car or truck you are equipped with, you can choose the right size, desired color, and installation method of LED rotating beacon according to your needs. These LED flashing beacons are often used as dedicated emergency lights, which means they turn on in an emergency or any situation where a warning is needed. Construction workers and tow truck drivers often use beacon lights on their trucks to warn other drivers that an accident is happening on both sides of the road.


You can customize the installation method of the LED flashing beacon and the required LED color. For example, certain areas are only allowed to use certain colored lights on police vehicles and other official emergency vehicles, such as blue beacons for police cars and red beacons for fire trucks. On non-emergency vehicles such as construction trucks, school buses, and tow trucks, you can use an amber LED beacon.

Advantages of Beacon Lights

LED beacon lights are often installed with magnets and equipped with cigar plugs, so they can be easily installed on or removed from the roof of a vehicle. You can also choose a permanent mount according to your needs and vehicle requirements. We also provide an extendable pole mount bracket, which allows you to easily install the LED beacon light on the motorcycle.

Color of LED Beacon Lights

We provide beacons with blue, amber, green, red, and white LEDs. You can choose from red, blue, amber, clear lens for TB18 or LF18 beacon depend on your request. If you need a dual-color and trio color LED flashing beacon, our TB18 will be suitable for you. There are 3 modes for the dual color version and 7 modes for the trio color version, as shown in the following video. Rotating led beacon is the ideal warning solution for trucks and fire fighting equipment.