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Full Size LED Light Bar and Mini magnetic light bars are a flexible and powerful solution with many customizable functions. DC 12V or 12-24V multi-voltage are available. Our emergency police light bars use next-generation optical components, a durable weatherproof aluminum frame, and truly high-power LEDs. The strobe light bars provide adequate lighting and warning functions for patrols, traffic advisory, warning signals, emergency dispatches, visual communication of roadway conditions, construction work zones, medical care, police, and vehicles of security service providers. We provide a variety of customizable full-size length light bars. The size ranges from 12inch, 18inch, 24inch, 48inch-76inch. The module of the full size LED light bar can choose TIR or linear optics.

Quality Full Size LED Light Bars

To meet the needs of our customers, Full Size LED Light Bars to provide first-class performance and light output. To improve output power, service life, and durability, these products are simplified in design and construction. Amazing high power light can be easily controlled through a variety of flash modes. Full size LED light bars can be customized.


Each module of the full size LED police light bars can be configured to the color of your choice (red, blue, white, amber, and green). LED Light Bar is a general warning light with different modes and functions to adapt to different application scenarios, such as takedown,alley light,dim,cruiser,work light,flood light, arrow light, and STT function. This strobe light bar is very suitable for various industries, such as police and law enforcement agencies, emergency personnel, trailers, utility vehicles, and so on. The colored light bars will have light propagation optics suitable for their special purpose, and the colors and patterns are matched correctly.

LED Light Bars for Emergency Vehicles

At UNIT SIGNAL, we are proud to provide a variety of strobe LED light bar options for emergency vehicles, trailers, engineering vehicles, etc. These strobe light bars are probably the most important aspect of emergency vehicles because these lights have 360-degree visibility to protect responders from any hazards that may appear on the road.


In an emergency, police, fire, and emergency response teams know that their powerful LED lights will alert those around them to get out of the way safely. Large trucks and construction vehicles can also ensure safety by warning surrounding drivers.No matter what your role, you can rest assured when it comes to installing high-quality warning lights in an emergency or working vehicle.


As a traffic consultant or ambulance, the visibility on-site should be good. When directing traffic near a traffic accident, or ensuring that your vehicles can be seen under adverse conditions, LED police light bars are vital to help keep the traffic smooth. When using a high-intensity flash pattern or solid color display, these can improve visibility and help the direction of oncoming cars, reminding them to drive slowly when approaching the scene. These strobe light bars added to your cars will help ensure a safer working area for your team.

The material of Light Bars

Our full size and mini light bars are made of industrial aluminum and completely sealed with industrial-grade epoxy resin. You can choose TIR or Linear lens as the module. They are made of UV-resistant polycarbonate without fogging or yellowing. The sleek aerodynamic design can provide efficient airflow without almost causing resistance to the system.

Choosing the Right LED Light Bar

Our LED light bars have innovative design and technology, you can choose a single color, dual color, trio color, and other color combinations, a total of 15 or 16 flash mode options, all options are standard with pattern memory function to meet your different needs. Whether it is large, small, or medium-sized, our magnetic mini light bar can provide high-quality and long-lasting solutions.

In addition to having a variety of sizes and many functions, the LED Light Bar is also very easy to install on different roof types without worrying about compatibility. They come with a variety of mounting options: gutter mount, permanent mounting, adjustable foot stand, magnet mounting.

Certificate of LED Light Bars

Our LED light bars have passed ECE R65 and R10 tests. This means that our products are suitable for police, fire departments, and other professional departments. Our products are subjected to continuous aging tests before being shipped to ensure product quality. Each product is rigorously tested: high and low temperature, dust test, rain test, salinity test, vibration test, etc. We choose to design products on the premise of ensuring brightness, to ensure the balance between brightness and heat dissipation.