Full Size LED Light Bar and Mini magnetic light bars are a flexible and powerful solution with many customizable functions. DC 12V or 12-24V multi-voltage are available. Our emergency police light bars use next-generation optical components, a durable weatherproof aluminum frame, and truly high-power LEDs. The strobe light bars provide adequate lighting and warning functions for patrols, traffic advisory, warning signals, emergency dispatches, visual communication of roadway conditions, construction work zones, medical care, police, and vehicles of security service providers. We provide a variety of customizable full-size length light bars. The size ranges from 12inch, 18inch, 24inch, 48inch-76inch. The module of the full size LED light bar can choose TIR or linear optics.

LED Light Bars

Our LED Light Bars set a world-class performance and light projection to meet our customers' demands and desires. These products are simply designed, constructed, and tested beyond capabilities to maximize output power, service life, and durability. Whereas full size LED lights can be customized, the exceptional high-power light can simply be monitored through a range of flash modes.


The full-size LED lights are designed in modules. The LED lights for police cars can be set to any color of your choice-red, blue, white, amber, and green. This light bar is a warning light that presents different modes and functionality to different scenarios like alley light, takedown, and floodlight. This light even can adjust to more circumstances such as dim, arrow light, work light, and STT function.


The strobe light bar serves well in the public safety industry. It is an excellent fit for police/law enforcement, emergency departments, trailers, and utility vehicles. The colors and patterns in these bars are matched correctly with light optics fit for a specific function.

Emergency Vehicles LED Light Bars.

At UNIT SIGNAL, we hold the most incredible pride to provide all kinds of light bars. Emergency departments, trailer owners, and engineering corporations have many of these lights to choose from. These lights are undoubtedly the most crucial feature because they have a 360-degree visibility range to assist and protect emergency drivers from road hazards.


The responders in ambulances, police cars, and fire trucks trust the ability of strong LED lights to alert the public in traffic and pave the way safely. Big trucks, construction vehicles, and cranes can also ensure maximum safety by warning other drivers around. Regardless of your role, you can trust that we have mastered the skill of LED light installation on public safety vehicles, heavy trucks, and construction vehicles.


On a traffic control vehicle or ambulance, there should clear visibility. For example, when directing traffic by an accident area or making sure other cars are visible in adverse weather conditions, the LED light bars on police vehicles are necessary to facilitate traffic flow. The high-intensity flash pattern and solid color display improve visibility, making it easy for oncoming vehicles to drive with caution while approaching the accident scene. When our strobe lights are added to your construction vehicles, you can be guaranteed a safe place to work for you and your team.

What are Light Bars Made From?

Our mini and full-size light bars have industrial aluminum and are securely coated with high-grade epoxy resin. TIR and linear lens are the two modules you can choose from. These modules have a UV-resistant polycarbonate without yellowing; furthermore, the sleek aerodynamic provides free airflow without causing any hardship to any part of the system.

How to Choose the Right Light Bar.

UNIT SIGNAL LED light bars to have an innovative design and up-to-date technology that gives you various options to choose from, from size, color, and functionality. You have the comfortability to choose from one color for a total of 16 flash modes. All these options are standard and have the pattern memory functionality to adapt to different needs. Regardless of its size, the magnetic light bar is mini and can provide efficient, high-quality, and withstand long-lasting tasks.

In addition to its multi-functionality, the light bar is easy to install. You can install this light bar on any roof type without worrying if it is compatible. Suppose you are wondering how to install our light bars. In that case, the lights come with various mounting options like gutter mount, permanent mounting, adjustable foot stand, and magnet mounting. These options an easy to follow manual that will help you with easy installation steps.

Certificates and Testing.

The capabilities of our light bars have been tested and passed ECE, R65, and R10 tests. This means our products are trusted and suitable for public safety departments and construction sites. Our products are put through various rigorous tests like high heat and extremely low temperatures, rain test, salinity test, and vibration tests before being shipped. These tests ensure the product's quality is top-notch and can withstand any harsh conditions. Our design is inspired by the idea of providing a balance between too much light and heat dissipation.