Some of the most popular emergency strobe lights are interior LED dash lights and LED visor lights. These emergency lights have a variety of options and functions, easy to install and maintain, and can be used in a variety of vehicle lighting applications. LED visor and dash lights are an effective and practical solution. LED dash lights and visor light bars provide first-class performance and superior light output at an affordable price. The interior warning lights have the advantages of low profile and concealment, while the exterior installed light bars cannot be realized at all. For police, firefighters, and first responders who want to upgrade their emergency vehicle lighting system with sturdy, durable, and powerful lighting, whether it is for police cars, trucks, emergency vehicles, utilities, or service vehicles, LED dah and visor lights are excellent select.

When Do You Need LED Dash Lights and LED Visor Lights?

For some emergency lighting problems, interior light is a more practical and cost-effective solution. One of the advantages of the interior LED Dash Lights and LED Visor Lights is that the lights can be installed in the vehicle, and it allows you to keep the LED strobe lights inconspicuous and will be seen clearly when needed. If you turn them off, you can use this setting to place them in an invisible place, so that you can carefully install LED dash and visor lights inside a car or truck, and it is also a great choice for police and law enforcement officers. They are powerful and durable enough for daily use, and their compact, low profile design makes them perfect for police vehicles.


Choosing the Right Dash Light and Visor Lights

Our LED Dash Lights and Visor Lights are designed to fit your car, truck, or emergency vehicle perfectly, and provide you with the output you need. Contact us to get the best blue, red and white emergency lights for your police or law enforcement vehicles, or the most efficient amber lights for your construction or utility vehicles, the amber LED visor lights are very suitable for service and utility vehicles, snowplows, trailers, wreckers, etc. With single color and dual color configurations, it can be easily customized to meet your specific application and state emergency vehicle lighting laws.


Placement for Dash Light and Visor Lights

Whether you are working on a construction site or need to be equipped with an emergency vehicle, choosing the correct installation position is very important. Proper placement and installation can ensure that other drivers can see the lights when using them, and they will minimize the space required to install led dash and visor light bars in the car.


LED dash lights can be firmly attached to the windshield with industrial-grade suction cups, making it almost impossible to detect when not in use. We have equipped the interior LED Visor Lights with mounting brackets, making installation quick and easy, thereby saving costs. Then, just plug the light into the cigarette lighter socket, and you are done! Installation is very simple and only takes a few minutes. You can use LED dash light as a standalone solution, or you can pair it with LED visor light to produce a better visual effect.


Functions of LED Dash Light and Visor Lights

Our LED dash light and led visor lights have a variety of flashing modes and customizable color options: single color, split color, and dual color are available, and the dual color visor light bar has a TAKEDOWN function, which can achieve high-efficiency luminous flux. The aluminum shell enhances the durability of the driving lights.