CJB-100RD 100W Siren

CJB-100RD 100W Siren

The CJB-100RD 100 Watt Police Siren gives you excellent sound, and joins very nicely with a set of our speakers and strobe lights.


1. Meet SAE J1849 and CA Title 13 requirements

2. Handhold controller

3. Monolithic integrated circuit in steadier performance

4.Function: aux, yelp, hi-lo, wail-1, wail-2, siren, horn, super-siren, yelp relay, tool

5. Dimensions: 7.8'' L x 4.3'' W x 1.9'' H

6. Tone: police, fire fighting, wrecker, project, ambulacne, guest siren

7. Unique and scientific design, perfect function, convenience for operation, safely and reliably

8. Design and produced in accordance with GB standard character

9. Additional functions of two sets switched of light control in the panel

10.Bulid in LED display, sound amplifying



15 Amp Fuse

4 meters 6 chip data access cable spring cable

6 chip transformer 

Connecting wire of speaker

Connecting wire of light controller

Item CJB-100RD
Voltage DC 12V
Sound compression Level 116-118db
Power 100W
Output 3 output group, Each MAX 15A
Dimensions 7.8 "Long x 4.3" Wide x 1.9"High
Accessories 15Amp Fuse,4m 6chip data access cable Spring cable,6chip transformer,Connect wire of speaker,Connect wire of light controller
Tone Polic, fire fighting, wrecker, project, ambulance, guest

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